Our Services

We offer a multidisciplinary treatment, guided by the principles of ethics and professionalism, aiming to provide an excellence and quality service, based on the pursuit of perfection. We deliver long-term solutions to maintain a good oral health and a beautiful smile though state of the art procedures and technology in a quiet and relaxed environment.

Dental Aesthetics

Feel as a perfect smile can increase your confidence with your family, friends and colleagues, and above all, as you can design the smile you have always dreamed of! We offer you a painless and minimally invasive solution for stained yellow teeth, worn out, fractured or when you just want to change the shape of your teeth, still maintaining your smile customized to your expressive features and wishes. There are several options such as whitening, composite resins, crowns and veneers. The ultimate aim of which is to improve the individual smile harmony.

Venners are very thin porcelain layers cemented to the teeth, with high resistance against permanent staining, still keeping a fairly conservative approach to improve your smile. They might be applied without any wear of the tooth surface, whilst keeping the enamel tissue intact.


The whitening enables removing the pigmentation/staining of your teeth caused by food, infiltration of old restorations, age and endodontic treatment. To maintain the outcome of the whitening, you must apply whitening toothpaste when brushing, avoid coffee or tea and smoking since these are powerful staining agents.