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We offer a multidisciplinary treatment, guided by the principles of ethics and professionalism, aiming to provide an excellence and quality service, based on the pursuit of perfection. We deliver long-term solutions to maintain a good oral health and a beautiful smile though state of the art procedures and technology in a quiet and relaxed environment.


Dental implants are a long-term solution to replace absent teeth, by placing a titanium “root” with a crown, bridge or denture attached, according to the number of absent teeth. They may also be placed to provide anchorage to the orthodontic treatment.

The loss of your natural teeth is slowly ensued by bone loss in the area surrounding the absent tooth and it becomes generalized as more teeth are lost. Once the chewing pressure is annulled, the alveolar bone stops does not receive the stimulation to maintain its dimensions. This decrease in bone structure results in a lack of retention of removable dentures.

The bone quality and quantity are critical aspects to the implant stability therefore when it decreases it is recommended to perform a previous or simultaneous guided bone regeneration. This surgery allows the surgeon to place the appropriate implants and in the most convenient biomechanical position in an aesthetic and functional perspective.

When choosing an implants rehabilitation you eliminate the ill prepared and poor aesthetics dentures, the irritation and inflammation of the tissues caused by removable dentures and the lack of confidence when eating or speaking. The diction, quality of life and aesthetics all improve and you will feel like you still have your natural teeth!

And just as your teeth need regular care the implants also need a proper brushing technique, floss, waterpik and a visit to the hygienist every 6 months.



Single Tooth Replacement