Our Services

We offer a multidisciplinary treatment, guided by the principles of ethics and professionalism, aiming to provide an excellence and quality service, based on the pursuit of perfection. We deliver long-term solutions to maintain a good oral health and a beautiful smile though state of the art procedures and technology in a quiet and relaxed environment.

Oral Rehabilitation

Implant-supported Overdentures

The loss of all the permanent teeth has a severe effect on our self-esteem, health and quality of life. Unfortunately, the removable dentures are often limited by the state of the underlying bone, which suffered bone reabsorption caused by the teeth loss. In such circumstances, the removable dentures have no retention or support and move during chewing.

The necessary retention may be provided by implants to support the removable dentures preventing its motion without having to apply fixing creams. Overall, these overdentures are less bulky and have the appearance and the comfort of natural teeth.


Fixed Prothetics

Crowns are used to rehabilitate teeth or implants, restoring appearance and function of the decayed and fractured teeth or the teeth that require endodontic treatment, allowing you to have the aesthetics and sense of your own teeth. Bridges are used when the purpose is to replace absent teeth and is supported by the surrounding teeth or implants.

Crowns and bridges require the same precautions as natural teeth, given that the remaining dental structure might have decays and as such it is fundamental to brush correctly twice a day, floss and apply fluoride regularly. It might also be necessary to place a occlusal appliance to protect crown from fracturing, especially in patients with bruxism.

Inlays, onlays and overlays are small pieces bonded to the tooth with a dental cement to cover the missing part of the teeth. They are becoming an increasingly more common option due to its resistance and aesthetics since they are able to mimic the natural colour of the teeth, providing a imperceptible and coherent appearance.


Removable Prosthestics

Removable prosthesis can be partial or full according to the number of missing teeth. Full dentures are supported by edentulous alveolar ridge or by implants while partial dentures have their support provided by the edentulous alveolar ridge and the surrounding teeth. In both cases, the teeth shape and colour are selected according to your individual facial features, and we can integrate the characteristic features of your own natural teeth. Their main goal is to reinstate aesthetics and the ability to chew in the anterior and posterior areas.

Removable dentures also require your continuous attention! It is crucial to clean the dentures daily with specific products in order to avoid bad breath, fungal infections, irritation and gingival inflammation and the ensuing bone loss. Possibly, your dentures will have to be readjusted to avoid movement during chewing and speech.